The new UK Bribery Act 2010 prohibits bribery, or attempted bribery, and came into effect on July 1st 2011. This includes kickbacks, corrupt commissions, and other forms of illicit business payments to secure business or government contracts.

"One of our sales reps in India has just been arrested"

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LRN’s newest course on bribery and corruption specifically focusing on the UK Bribery Act, its consequences and adequate procedures.

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The UK Bribery Act: Beyond Compliance to Culture
Organisations faced with defending allegations of bribery should be able to demonstrate that all employees have been trained and have an understanding of the organisation’s commitment to the prevention of bribery.

Other LRN training courses relating to bribery and corruption

“A local partner oils the wheels of commerce”

Global Corruption and Bribery - video vignette
This course illustrates real life scenarios and provides opportunities to observe and reflect on some of the actions taken to resolve ethical dilemmas.

"Problem in Penwala"

Avoiding Bribery and Corruption
This course explains what constitutes bribery, how it can occur, and demonstrates steps that can be taken to identify and avoid it.

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Why the new Bribery Act is good for business

Leading CEOs are taking the new legislation very seriously indeed. They are leaders who understand their responsibilities in protecting their companiesʼ reputation against legal threats such as bribery and corruption.


Why Compliance isnʼt Enough: The Important Role of Culture

Businesses across the globe spend substantial time and money on compliance activities and sophisticated compliance programmes - rightly so in a world where compliance failures can have devastating consequences.

Six ways to protect your corporate reputation.
Six reasons why many anti-bribery programmes fail

Companies charged with the offence of failing to prevent bribery will have a defence to that charge if they have adopted “adequate procedures” designed to prevent bribery.

Strategies to end facilitation payments

The new UK Bribery Act came into force July 1st 2011, and has ramifications for all organisations that have any dealings or operations within the UK. One of the key challenges for business is ensuring effective elimination of facilitation payments from their commercial activities.

Why low cost ʻoff-the-shelfʼ training is often inadequate

Companies today are faced with a rapidly developing legislative landscape – not only in terms of the amount of legislation, such as the new Bribery Act, but also the preparedness of the authorities to pursue investigations and prosecutions.

Recent news stories

Olympus Unravelling – What a tangled web we weave

The recent revelations regarding dubious accounting practices at Japanese company Olympus graphically highlight the consequences which can follow from a lack of business integrity. The story started with an article in the Japanese magazine Facta in August this year which questioned certain acquisitions made by the company.

Innospec – Chickens come home

Innospec Inc. is a NASDAQ listed company with around 1000 employees based in 23 countries. The company became the subject of a US Securities and Exchange Commission, (“SEC”), investigation into regulatory and corruption offences in 2007, following the United Nations Inquiry into abuses of the Iraq Oil for Food Programme.

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